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I Dos and Dancing Shoes has specialized in wedding ceremonies since 2010. I work hard for each of my clients, creating memorable ceremonies that reflect who they are to ensure their perfect day begins as they walk down the aisle. 

What started as a favor for a close friend evolved into a passion that grows with each ceremony I write. I truly believe it is a gift to be asked to officiate a wedding, and I take that gift very seriously. I do my best to honor my clients by delivering personalized ceremonies they will never forget.

Whether you're in need of an officiant or you've been asked to officiate a ceremony, get in touch to learn more about how I can serve you!

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Whatever you need, I am at your service!
If you're looking for someone to make your wedding day special with a ceremony that is meaningful and remembered, I'm your girl! If you've been asked by family or friends to officiate their wedding ceremony but don't know what to say, I can create the perfect ceremony for you to deliver. And if you want to be amazing at the task your family/friends have asked of you, I can coach you through everything you need to know to be a GREAT officiant! 
Contact me today to see what I can do for you.

Ceremony Officiating: For you, the couple!

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I will meet with you and your significant other (in person or via video conference) to discuss your ceremony preferences. I will also get to know you as a couple to curate a ceremony that is specific and personal to you and what you want! I will run the ceremony portion of a rehearsal, and make sure you will always remember your ceremony.

Ceremony Writing: For you, the officiant!



If someone has asked you to officiate their big day, congratulations! It is a huge honor. And it is also difficult to know what to say to make sure they love their ceremony. I will get as much information from you as necessary to write a beautiful ceremony for you to deliver on their big day. I'll make you look good!

Ceremony Coaching: For you, the officiant!



Beyond just writing a ceremony for you, I will work with you to craft the perfect ceremony, practice delivering it (public speaking is the #1 fear of humans!), and prepare you to run the rehearsal and wedding day itself. We all need a coach for things we've never done before!

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Don't take my word for it - here's what clients have to say!

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Jessi B., June 2017

Anyone that knows Dana knows that she is one of the most personable, outgoing, fun-loving and genuine people they will ever meet. When I learned that she was an officiant, I knew I had to ask her to officiate my wedding. I thought for sure that there wasn't a better person for the job, and I was right. From day one, she was helpful and responsive and knew all the right things to ask to help prepare for the big day. When the rehearsal came, she didn’t bat an eye when my husband and I kept asking her for more practice runs. She was more than happy to do whatever it took to make us comfortable. During the ceremony, she portrayed each of our personalities perfectly. She was funny, clever, and most importantly, made everyone there feel the love that my husband and I share. I would highly recommend her to anyone planning on getting married, because I truly believe you will not find anyone else that will give you the level of care and love that Dana will.

Cortney S., May 2015

When we enlisted Dana to officiate our wedding we knew that we’d be getting someone who was 100% dedicated to us, excited, organized and truly had a grasp on the importance of this moment. What we didn’t anticipate was the amount of thought and time she would put in to make our ceremony different from others she had worked on before. Who has mad libs as part of their ceremony?! We did! And they were amazing! We knew that we didn’t have to worry about a thing ceremony-wise with Dana at the helm. Not only was she serious and focused, but she also made it fun. I seriously did not think I would laugh hysterically during my wedding ceremony, but I did and those photos are my absolutely favorite. We loved having Dana as our wedding officiant and, dang, can that girl work the dance floor.

stacy rob.jpg

Amy H., June 2016

My husband and I eloped on June 28, 2016. We were married out of state and hired a local Justice of the Peace to perform the ceremony. We kept our plans a secret from all friends and family, but enlisted the help of Dana to write our ceremony to include some personal touches. Dana was great to work with – she helped me craft the ceremony with just the right words, and also took measures to surprise us on the big day.  She asked my husband and I to independently answer a few short questions that she worked into the ceremony. Because of Dana we laughed, and we cried, and we laughed some more! We’re so glad we hired Dana to make our special day memorable, fun and US.

Stacy M., June 2018

When Rob and I got engaged, choosing the officiant was the least of our wedding planning stress! Dana is so fun, loving, outgoing, and easy to work with. She did a fantastic job telling our story, and made our wedding as perfect as could be. When we needed help putting our vows together she was always there with a quick response and full of advice. She even helped us keep everything running smoothly on our wedding day. She made our wedding memorable with tons of laughter and tears of joy! We would highly recommend Dana to anyone getting married. It is easy to see that she absolutely loves marrying people!


Courtney N., September 2018

Dana Angelo was the officiant for our DC wedding during September 2018. She was unbelievably amazing! 

We were looking for someone that would give us what we needed - a simple ceremony that was meaningful, emotional and would really feel 'like us'. Dana delivered this above and beyond!

We began our relationship with Dana over a video chat where we told her about our lives, our relationship and who we were as a couple. She intently listened, took notes and to our delight used a lot of this information to write our ceremony. We had a role in writing as much or as little as we wanted and with her guidance, we helped to write the vows and ring exchange. Being involved this way was very special and meaningful to us. Dana said to us early on that she never gives the same ceremony twice, and trust me - it's true! Our ceremony was so special and unique. She really takes the time to get to know her couples and writes from the heart for each ceremony she performs. 

Dana allowed us to have a perfect ceremony. We truly loved working with Dana and feel like we really made a connection with her that we will never forget. 

Our wedding day is one that we will never forget and a big part of that was having Dana with us. We loved working with her and I would highly, highly recommend her to anyone looking to get married! 

Stephanie H., September 2018

We didn't know Dana before we started working with her, but pretty soon after meeting Dana, you feel like she has been a part of your life for a long time!  Dana did a great job taking the time to really get to know us as a couple, which is something that makes her unique as a hired officiant.  She gives the vibes of a friend performing your wedding ceremony for you, except this is a friend who really knows what she is doing up there!  She helped us navigate every step of the process of planning our ceremony and executed it beautifully.  My mom told me after the wedding, "everyone just fell in love with your officiant," and I told her - "I am not surprised, she is the best!''

Thank you Dana for making our day so extra special!

IDDS sarah and dan.jpg
IDDS justine and dave.jpg

Sarah G., September 2019

The recommendation to use Dana as our Wedding Officiant was one of the best pieces of advice we received for our wedding planning. We wanted our ceremony to feel significant and meaningful to really live up to the importance of the day and Dana helped us capture this idea in every way.  We were a bit nervous at first since we did not know Dana, but after our first video chat with her, we were thrilled. Dana's approach shows how much she cares and wants to ensure your wedding ceremony is everything you hope for. She took the time to get to know us and made the experience feel so personal. Even with my more controlling nature and last minute add-ons, she took it all in stride and it worked out beautifully. 
Our guests actually asked us if Dana was an old friend because of how well she captured our relationship and helped the ceremony feel so personal and meaningful. She is a pro with a heart of gold. It is odd to think we started the process as strangers, because it feels like we will have an attachment to her forever. 
We could not have had a more amazing wedding. It truly was the best day of our lives. Dana was a huge part of making that happen and we could not thank her enough or recommend her enough to other couples. She is the best!!!

Justine W., September 2019

Choosing an officiant for the biggest day of your life is a very important and stressful decision. Lucky for us we found Dana and it quickly became a very easy decision. From the very first time we met Dana we knew we had found our match. Dana is one of the most bubbly, fun-loving, energetic, dedicated, and compassionate people that we have ever met. She instantly makes you feel comfortable in the process as she opens up a very easy conversation where you get to learn about her while opening up about yourself, your partner, and your love story.

Dana used this information and offered many different options in regards to timing, rituals, readings, and vows to help create our perfect ceremony. Dana was very easy to work with and made the entire process seamless from start to finish. During the ceremony she spoke eloquently, engaged with our guests, told our love story, and comforted us with calmness and laughter.

Dana made our special day the most memorable experience of our lives. Dana puts everything into this process and I can say with all honesty that you will never find anyone who will do it better! Thank you for everything. The Weisses love you!

I am ordained through Universal Life Church, which is an active non-profit church recognized by the government. Through my ordination I have the legal status of an ordained minister across the United States, as well as certain other countries.

ULC is based in Sacramento, California

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